Indian Institute of Legal English

“Legalese Diploma” for Law Professionals/Law Students:
The “Legalese Diploma” course is designed for law students, practicing lawyers and other professionals working in the legal sector. Course participants work on improving all four English language skills within a legal context as well as learning specific legal terminology and how to use it appropriately.

The “Legalese Diploma’ course covers extensively:Grammar for Lawyers (English Grammar blended with Legal Terms & Terminologies)Loan words and phrases from other languages.Legal Terms/ Legal Phrases/ Terms of art.Legal Terms/words often confused and misused.Use of Unfamiliar pro-forms in Legal Language.Synonyms and Antonyms in legal writing.Specialized words, phrases and idiomatic expressions.Words and titles used in Legal Language.Legal drafting/ Preparing case brief/summary.Famous foreign proverbs in English Legal Language.Quotidian words having different/special meanings in law.Doublets/Triplets in English Legal Language.
Indian Institute of Legal English
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